I always discuss fees in person. I offer rates comparable to others with my level of training.  I do offer a sliding scale for those in a place of need. The fee is agreed upon in the beginning of our treatment, and depends on several factors such as the time of the session or other financial queries. Cash or check payments are accepted each session, and a monthly payment can be arranged.


Appointments are scheduled once per week in the beginning of the therapy. Sessions are 50 minutes long.  Longer sessions and greater or lesser frequencies of session time may be arranged later in the treatment, and after discussion.


The sessions can be billed via out-of-network provider by all PPO insurance plans. Please check with your carrier if you are unsure about your coverage. Upon request I can provide a monthly invoice to be submitted to your carrier for reimbursement.


For Further information or to set up a free phone consultation, feel free to call my voicemail at (415)553-5346 or email me at biancapsychotherapy@gmail.com.

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