Healing is a Beautiful Process

That deserves your care, your passion, and your full attention.

I see adults and teenagers of all ages in my practice.  I’ve found that individual therapy is a unique space where one can open and explore parts of themselves with another person. It’s rare to have a weekly space to say things out loud about one’s life that have never been said, or even formulated in thought before. I offer individual therapy sessions for client who would like to see a therapist once or twice weekly. Creating a space to talk about things that are hard opens a place where one becomes comfortable knowing that the space will be there for them as long as they choose to continue. I hope to be supportive and consistent with my clients, I strive to create a safe relationship where anything can be talked about. 

You Are Looking For a Therapist Because:

  • You Sometimes Find Yourself In Difficult Situations With Others And You Don't Know How You Got There

  • You Have Been Raped, Sexually Abused, Or Are Struggling to Chose the Right People to Date and Be Friends With

  •  You are often Depressed and feel Hopeless

  • You Have Experienced a Trauma and you can't talk to anyone about it because nobody seems to understand

  • You Have a Low Self Esteem and you Look Down On Yourself

  • You Are a Perfectionist and would like to learn to be Less Critical of Yourself

  • You Overanalyze Everything

  • You Have A Hard Time Trusting People

  • Picking a Partner, Dating, And Relationships are Hard For You

  • Family Problems

  • A yearning for Personal or Emotional growth.

Relationships are probably deeply important to you but sometimes hard to navigate. You seem to care about things or people more than others seem to care or you have had several falling outs with others and you don't know why. You are probably a rock for so many people, but maybe you don't know how to have relationships that feel fully mutual, and you end up feeling taken advantage of or hurt.

I work with people who want to value and love themselves and others more. I work with people who have been hurt or felt used and would like to better understand why they are in these situations. I work with people who have experienced the pain of depression and the hopelessness of trauma, who would like to unwind their thoughts and better understand the patterns that seem to play out in life. 


Bianca's Psychotherapy Office, Located on Market Street in Duboce Triangle at Church Street Station.

Bianca's Psychotherapy Office, Located on Market Street in Duboce Triangle at Church Street Station.


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