Please Join me and my colleague, Kristel Allen, in our Sexuality Recovery and Discovery Group starting June 21st, 2016. The group will run for 8 weeks in Noe Valley, San Francisco, on Tuesday nights, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Registration is open for individuals to participate in a therapy group aimed to share in the transformation of the somatic and relational impacts of sexual trauma within a safe and empowering container.

This is a group for those who have been wounded in sexual relationships in a way that impacts your freedom, your ability to move through the world safely, the privilege to feel safe or free in romantic relationships and the ability to move freely through dating. Join us to process these wounds and explore concepts around your sexuality including empowerment, consent with partners, healthy assertion of boundaries, and clear communication. Heal through the unique process of being seen in a group context, with other allies on a path to a more free way of being within relationships and to your sexuality.

Population: People who are face shame, discomfort, power struggles or fear around pleasure, attraction, and sexuality. This may or may not be connected to having a sexual abuse history. The common thread we hope to gather is people who are seeking self-empowerment, finding and cultivating their voice in their relations, and who could benefit from experiencing empathy and being seen and heard from others around sexual experiences that they are recovering from or hope to discover within their lives at present.

In this group we will explore concepts around:

  • Boundaries- knowing them, setting them, enforcing them
  • Consent- how to ask for consent, how to give consent, and how to say yes or no clearly
  • Picking the right partner- and knowing when to work through something or when to walk away
  • Feeling Your Value and Feeling Empowered
  • Learning to Trust and enjoy Sex again
  • And much much more!!!

Application process: Please email with some times that you can be available for a phone call with one of the leaders. We will then meet together for a conversation about the group, answer any questions, and get a general sense of who you are and whether you are fit for the group at this time. We will then form a group based on the interview process.

Call or Email Bianca at (415) 553-5346 or at to apply for this group! 

bianca aarons - sex trauma recovery group therapy poster


Call or Email Bianca at (415)553-5346 or at to apply for this group! 

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