Stuck places and crisis can sweep into one’s life unexpectedly, and whatever process that worked before to move through these places may not work anymore.My clients have done much on their own and are now seeking a reframe of perspective, tools to understand stuckness, or someone to share pain with.

I must admit that I know this place intimately for I have struggled in a similar way.  I always knew that I wanted to do this work, and it took many years of first sorting through my own healing to be able to become the therapist, hold another’s vulnerability, and be able to share why this work is so very important.

I've always been interested in the deeper questions in life which may contain infinite answers. Over the years, I've become much more curious with what drives me to ask the questions then with the questions themselves.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been practicing as a psychotherapist in San Francisco for over five years.  I've received a B.S. in Biological Psychology at UC Davis and have completed a Masters degree in Integral Counseling Psychology at the California Institute of Integral studies. My past experience includes working therapeutically with teenagers in a wilderness setting and in an urban setting at Coyote Coast Youth and Family Services. I initially trained at the Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street. I practiced as an Intern through the Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center for several years.


© 2019 Rebecca Levy Photography

© 2019 Rebecca Levy Photography


Additional Trainings:

San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program, a two year program focusing on Psychoanalytic theory, reading, and case consultation.

Sue Johnson’s EFT Training Level 1, A four day EFT course specializing in couples work and using vulnerability and connection to help couples achieve closeness.

Ongoing Couples Consultation Group at The Couples Center, located in SF and the east bay.

Along with these trainings, I train with multiple consultants on weekly basis who have been practicing psychotherapy for over 30 years.