Stop Making Decisions Based on Fear, Start Making Decisions Grounded in Care For Yourself

The decision to come to therapy can sometimes be based from the fear that we cannot recover, instead of the hope that we can, and the care that we have for ourselves to gift ourselves with healing.

We  have a whole lifetime of stories and dynamics and maybe wounds, and yes, they can come up in therapy, but my intention as a therapist is to visit these stories and pains with you at a pace that feels right to you. I must admit that I am not afraid of deep things, and I am not afraid of your wounds. But as a therapist, I would never ask you to go places that you don't feel safe going. 

You would like to understand your past relationships and current relationships.  I can help you to do this using the relationship between you and me, as all are connected. I bring awareness to your present feelings  and how they feel in your body. Understanding relationships can be a tool to unlocking the deeper dynamics and feelings involved in relationships . 

   As a therapist,  I am patient and calm, yet assertive and direct.  You can expect that I will be listening closely and offering reflections. You will also notice that I hope to let you lead me to the material you would like to work on, though when lost, I will ask the questions to help you back on your path. I encourage my clients to be honest with me about how they feel, how the treatment is going for them, and what isn't working. I hope to create a safe environment for my clients to speak their complete truth. 

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